SHAPE UP FOR SUPER SEX by Mary Ann & Nicholas Kounovsky Crenshaw


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If Xaviera Hollander and the brothers Zucchini from the circus had combined to write an exercise manual guaranteed to improve your sex life, one might have been able to swallow it, tasteless though this morsel is. But poor Nicholas Kounovsky (purveyor of stretch and groan to the very rich), left to the literary devices of Mary Ann Crenshaw (ex-New York Times fashion maven and creator of the ""revolutionary"" Lecithin, Vitamin B-6, and cider vinegar diet) is in big trouble if he expects to keep his elegant reputation after this. To fill in the pages between exercises and illustrations, Crenshaw has managed to convey--in the least tasteful language possible--her own, somewhat repugnant ideas of what ""super sex"" ought to be. Citing a Redbook magazine sex survey as one of her main sources, she casts journalistic rules-of-thumb to the winds and rambles about teenage lovers she's had, and about her stud of the moment, incidentally including several chapters on crash dieting when the exercises--and her libido--run out. It is hard to imagine one of Kounovsky's genteel clients reading this without blanching. But read it they will--if only out of loyalty--and things being what they are, this ought to sell.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1976
Publisher: Delacorte