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AQUA EROTICA by Mary Anne Mohanraj


18 Stories for a Steamy Bath

edited by Mary Anne Mohanraj

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 2000
ISBN: 0-609-80656-4
Publisher: Three Rivers/Crown

It would have to be a very steamy bath indeed to match the temperature of the best stories collected here, which use the unifying metaphor of water to ring some sexy changes on the usual tanglings of orifices and organs. In Michael Hemmingson’s “Movements,” group sex in a Jacuzzi is only the beginning for a husband and wife on the verge of breaking up—until they find that infidelity isn’t just an aphrodisiac, it’s also good business. Hemmingson leavens the raunch with sly humor, as does Diane Kepler in “Hydronamica,” the tale of a physics student who takes a “study break” with a rain-soaked fantasy. Poppy Z. Brite’s “Nothing of Him That Doth Fade” takes a darker view as it depicts a gay couple lost at sea during a diving tour, both of whom “did not trust death to give them that fabled final orgasm.” Diving is also the excuse for “In Deep,” by Simon Sheppard, an explicit account of a down-and-dirty gay tryst that escapes hard-core classification (if at all) only because of its razor-sharp prose. Billed as “the first waterproof book for adults” (that means plastic cover and pages), editor Mohanraj’s volume of high-class erotica hardly needs such a gimmicky presentation. Hot and wet—also extremely well crafted.