THE WORLD WE SAW by Mary Bell Decker


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A diary of the first World Town Hall Sominar that flew 'round the world from June to September, 1949, this reports impressions, meetings, and ""people to people"" talking, and is an intimate account of the trip. With 28 leaders from American national organizations, the Town Hall of the Air took to the air to view other countries and to represent their own country; it conducted formal, as well as touring, seminars on route and all members got more than a chance to see first hand what was happening all over the world. From London, to Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Rome, then on to Ankara, Israeli, Cairo, Beirut, Karachi, Delhi, Calcutta, Manila, Tokyo and Honolulu, with some way stops, the group is pictured as questioning, listening, and representing various ideas in each individual public discussion and through Mrs. Danker's running account each member takes on individuality. There is as much of cabbages and kings as important issues, there is also the feminine interests of shopping, food, places they stayed and the tourist viewing of the things they saw -- and there is the fatigue that pursued them for the program allowed for no idle moments. A book for the man in the street which shows how people of all nationalities can really talk together and gain in knowledge.

Pub Date: Sept. 25th, 1950
ISBN: 1169311881
Publisher: Richard R. Smith