NO DOGS ALLOWED, JONATHAN by Mary Blount Christian


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There's a bit of anticipatory humor in Jonathan's efforts to smuggle shaggy Woodrow past the doorman of his apartment building where dogs are not allowed. But when Humphrey is helping Mrs. Dunkendorf with her groceries and Jonathan and Woodrow do sneak in, the ensuing mayhem -- with mother screaming ""help"" and fainting, then Humphrey, Jonathan, Woodrow, Mother, the cook, the scrubwoman and the philodendron ending up in a heap on the sudsy floor -- just doesn't reach the heights of hilarity it's programmed for. In the end Jonathan, who now realizes why dogs aren't allowed in apartments, talks Humphrey into keeping Woodrow at his house -- ""to watch your door while you watch ours"" -- and the whole thing settles at just about the level best served by Don Madden's routinely frisky illustrations.

Pub Date: March 15th, 1975
Publisher: Addison-Wesley