MATT REGAN'S LADY by Mary Brinker Post


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Report repeated from the January 1st bulletin, when scheduled for earlier publication, as follows: ""Something of a Kathleen Norris area here- with a State of Washington getting- for the story of Terry Compton, whose mother, Mazie La Tour, never married Merritt Compton, and who had been raised by Merritt's wife. Terry finds young Forrester, an Easterner, an eligible fiance, but gossip turns him away from her. She finds solace in the woods on a lumbering trip with her father- and Matt Regan, a high climber, not only in the trees but in his ambitions, finds a place in her heart. Daddy, however, in spite of pressure from Eastern monopolies which are running local men out of the lumbering business, lies- and wreks Terry's romance. It is not until, after a forest fire and desperate seed, that he is bested by Terry and Matt on their own terms. An array of First Hill snobs of Seattle and of the timber battles and new methods of logging at the turn of this century carpet a familiar pattern of romance.

Pub Date: July 14th, 1955
Publisher: Doubleday