LITTLE BROTHER FATE by Mary-Carter Roberts


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Three famous cases of the '20's, the Hall-Mills, Snyder-Gray, and Leopold-Loeb, are braided into a criminal cordon as the alternating narratives are recorded at intervals. In spite of a little name-changing and occasional conjecture, the cases are unmistakably recognizable. Perhaps the most fictional of these reconstructions is the Hall-Mills case, which was the only one to remain unconfessed and unconcluded. All three have of course their sanguine, shocking interest; the two boys who killed a child as the proof of their superiority; the woman, Mildred Hummel (Ruth Snyder) who wanted to escape her commonplace background and become ""Classy"" through the medium of her husband's insurance money- and a conveniently compliant lover, and the adultery of the minister- and the sexton's wife- avenged by the ""little brother"" of the older, wealthy woman he had married..... The cases-per se- are more interesting than the handling which is at best adequate.

Pub Date: April 8th, 1957
Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Cudehy