SISTER OF CAIN by Mary Collins
Kirkus Star


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One of the best mysteries I have read in many a moon. It held the suspense throughout -- suspicion shifted, not without warrant -- and even in retrospect, all loose threads seem to have been tied. The setting is California, where Hilda Moreau has gone to be near her Navy husband's sisters and bear his child. Almost at once, she is drawn into the vortex of a morbid situation, as the eldest sister attempts to block the carrying out of a strange will by violent and cruel means. She is killed, and her secret life comes to light. Sex crazed Sophie, alcoholic Elise, terrified Rose -- all are in thrall; only Ann, a doctor, has in part escaped her sister. There's another death -- and another --and an attempt on Hilda's life, before the killer is found.

Publisher: Scribner