ELF OWL by Mary & Conrad Buff
Kirkus Star


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In the biggest of cacti -- a saguaro tree -- live two of the tiniest of birds, Elf Owls. From their home in a hole in the cactus, they see the daily and seasonal life of the desert -- the desert lion, the road runner, lizards, wood rats and jack rabbits. The desert water hole dries up as spring becomes summer. The soft fawns and proud rams begin to worry. Will rain never fall? But clouds form and the reader feels with the small creatures the great relief as the water hole fills, and the elf owls' home, the cactus, swells in absorbing moisture. Though the sketches are all in conte crayon, the work is so skillful that many colors are suggested. One envisions many hues in their depiction of the plants which blossom in the thirsty desert. A beautiful book, conveying an idea of the many kinds of life supported there.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1958
Publisher: Viking