THE PARIS HAT by Mary Cunningham
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Arrival of the Paris hat threw the energetic and appealing members of the Darfield family of San Francisco into confusion. Did it mean that Uncle Pat was returning to dreamy Aunt Faith after his two years of adventure in Africa? To Cathy, mother hen of her five younger brothers and sisters, her uncle's arrival came at the wrong time, involving all the members of the haphazard household in confusion while she tried to set the stage for her romance with handsome Rex, a talented ballet dancer. Her faithful beau, Walt, warned her that her dancing was amateurish but Cathy preferred to believe the flattery Rex dished out. As Cathy realizes that Walt is correct, Uncle Pat comes back. Though the plot is simple the cast of characters are all very human, three dimensional, involved and at odds, bringing warm participation in a close knit engaging family group- complete with a domineering Grandmother and a Chinese-cook-housekeeper.

Pub Date: April 25th, 1958
Publisher: Funk & Wagnalis