TAKE THY WORLD by Mary Douglas


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A quiet, but not necessarily placid, spiritual story of the progression of a girl away from the world of her birth to that of the life behind convent walls has a strong autobiographical accent, walks gently with Jane Elizabeth Halligan through the years of her childhood and decision. At the convent of Mater Dei in Queensburg Bay, Canada, Jane is to know a greater serenity than at home. This traces, with gravity, her novitiate, the loneliness of a first Christmas in the convent, the ritual of the reception as she is named Sister Mary Francis of Assisi, her probation and the residuum of doubt and discouragement when she feels that Jane Halligan is still too much with her. On to teaching, and beyond the walls, leaves her with the realization and reassurance that she is now alien to the world she has left- and at one with the one she has joined... Almost entirely for a Roman Catholic audience, a still life of spiritual intent and significance.

Publisher: Bouregy & Curl