FRANCES WILLARD From Prayers to Politics by Mary Earhart

FRANCES WILLARD From Prayers to Politics

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A conscientious, detailed and objective biography of the leaders not only of the temperance movement but the ""general"" of the whole woman's movement. A cold if compelling figure, her personality fails to inspire the biographer to more than an interesting presentation of her achievements. Reared in a strict puritanical background, with scant looks or social grace, Frances determined early to compensate for her awkwardness by doing something useful with her life. From teaching in rural schoolrooms, she went on to be the first dean of the new Northwestern College for Women; later she left to become first National Secretary, then President of the W.C.T.U. She crusaded for suffrage; she entered ""gospel politics""; she was an exponent of pacifism, socialism spiritualism, labor unionism, and figured in all kinds of women's organizations. Reformer, orator, organizer, she opened the way for women and liberal measures on many fields, and was a tireless executive. A thorough, capable biography.

Publisher: Univ. of Chicago