LISTEN FOR THE THRUSH by Mary Elizabeth Osborn


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The wide, wide world opening up to young (eighth grader) Amy Dunton is that of her Aunt Thaya, her mother's twin, and from her earliest years she has tried to break through this exclusive, sometimes antagonistic bondage which exists between the two women. But it is Thaya, with her magic- and her mystery, who fascinates her while maintaining a detached distance; there is her unhappiness over her wealthy, wastrel husband Drew- and the loss, never reconciled, of a child, Andrea. But there is a second chance for Thaya when Rose, the daughter of a Chinese college friend, is sent over to Thaya who has been warned however that her days are also numbered. Rose becomes an issue between the two households and separates the sisters- but only for a time, as with her death Amy's mother resumes the possessive pattern predetermined at birth..... A heavy overhang here, of sentimental banalities, will not carry this beyond the confines of a woman's market of conventional tastes and conservative proportions.

Pub Date: Oct. 10th, 1955
Publisher: Westminster Press