DOLLY MOSES: The Cat in the Clam Chowder by Mary Ellen Chase

DOLLY MOSES: The Cat in the Clam Chowder

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Down in Maine during Miss Chase's childhood, her family had animals. She has recently shared Victoria, Pig in a Pram (1963, p. 926, J-272), Richard Mansfield, Prince of Donkeys (1964, p. 365, J-119) and now Dolly Moses, the cat who specialized in conniption fits. She came with her name on a card around her neck, full grown and confirmed in her madness. She was a compulsive clam eater and on the day that one of her seizures coincided with the luncheon menu of clam chowder, Dolly Moses did a wild oop of the dining room and landed in the middle of the full, steaming tureen. Daintily, she removed all the onions and potatoes, ate the clam bits and lapped up the roth. Then, with her rib cage distended, she waddled out of the Chase family for good. Miss Chase speculates on whether or not Dolly M. went to Heaven, or whether the stayed away out of overwhelming shame for her gluttonous binge. Not nearly as funny as its nearest relative -- the ""Peter and the Painkiller"" episode in Tom Sawyer -- it is a gently humorous anecdote examining the ways of cats and people. Illustrated with the black and white drawings of Paul Kennedy, who did the previous two animal recollections.

Pub Date: Sept. 2nd, 1964
Publisher: Norton