MARY PETERS by Mary Ellen Chase


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Perhaps you will question this being placed among Must Books. And yet, it is one of the very few books that belongs there by right of its rare quality, and that has a readymade market in that large audience that took As The Earth Turns to their hearts. Personally, I found it a more absorbing book, a book of deeper significance and wider import. Again a book carved out of the heart and soul and spirit of New England, this time coastline Maine, of which ships on the high seas were as essential a part as the snug little, tight little village to which the ships came home, and the farms back of the shore. Mary Peters was born at sea, and the lessons she learned there in childhood she carried through her life, a life that held much of tragedy, but that Mary Peters met with head high and understanding fostered by her mother, Sarah Peters, a woman ahead of her time and a character not lightly put aside. A book for a wide public as well as for your discriminating readers. Her previous book. A Goodly Heritage, was an autobiographical story, which won a limited but enthusiastic following. This should make a plus sale for the earlier book. Big advertising campaign planned, display material, consisting of a giant book, and in addition a colored poster. There's every chance in the book itself for a best seller. Let's help put it over.

Pub Date: Sept. 25th, 1934
ISBN: 097632315X
Publisher: Macmillan