CASTLE UGLY by Mary Ellin Barrett


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Ah, the days of champagne and roses, lovely, lost people, trailing chiffon, and ermine, this is a sort of DuMaurieresque melodrama part of which takes place in the past (the '30's) at Castle Ugly, a turreted resort house of the idle rich which will be swept away to sea. In fact passion carries a lot of things away (even the publishers, who compare this to Sagan, Colette, while actually it is for the ladies, and will appear in L.H.J.). Sarah tells the story, now that she's married to Gerard, and living on the Riviera, and now that David walks back into her life. He had been the son of her parents' oldest friends--in fact his mother, Pansy, had been involved with her father Harry, and a good deal of this goes back to the time when all these beautiful people had summered together, and played together, and drifted apart, and died--Sarah's mother had been shot on the beach, with another man.....There's hardly a break in the weather--it's all rosegold technicoloromantic escape entertainment.

Publisher: Dutton