INTO THE WIND by Mary F. Van Nes


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A reluctant sailor makes a lively account of her conversion and a love story of her life with the Chauve Sou the beautiful boat that became a member of the family. A pianist in the making, marriage to photographer van Nes revolutionalized her ideas about living and, when the children were old enough, in theory she subscribed to sailing as an excellent family participation project. In practice she knew only odd moments of comfort, from their earliest attempts until the purchase of the boat that was to separate her from her husband and then reclaim and win her by its performance in hurricane and storm, in safety and aground. Fafy, her husband, is the perfect instructor and father UNTIL things get out of joint; the boys, from the oldest to the youngest, are a hardworking crew, learning through small to dangerous mistakes, aching to prove their seamanship, exceeding themselves when called on. The family, based in Yonkers, has its short and long holidays aboard the boat that, when put to a vote, after its many pleasures and heartaches, has only Fafy's decision to sell....A must for the boating fraternity, particularly the distaff side, and an excellent family sailing book.

Pub Date: Oct. 30th, 1957
Publisher: Lippincott