RAVENSWOOD by Mary Frances Doner


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Written in the vein of light romantic fiction this is a family story set in a small Michigan town on Lake Huron, in the period before World War II. Pelagie St. George, the old dowager, had married for the power and position of the St. George name, rather than marry the man she loved; she found the price too high, despite the material gains. Her son Neely, kind, gentle, ineffectual, had married a shrew; their son, Thad, up and coming industrialist, falls in love with Kitty Rose Keane, a nobody and illegitimate, who disappears rather than hurt his future. Another branch of the family is ruled by the over-bearing Philip, who worships only his daughter Monique, and disowns his son Dru, when he marries Vida Carpenter and makes a man of himself. Deus ex machina is the diabolic Leger Chapotin, black sheep of the family, whose arrivals and departures keep them in suspense; and at the end it is Leger who upsets the family applecart by revealing the fact that Philip is his own illegitimate son and not a St. George at all, and that Kitty Rose is Philip's daughter. Orthodox happy ending in view as the story closes. For rentals largely.

Pub Date: Aug. 19th, 1948
Publisher: Doubleday