FLORIDA WILD FLOWERS by Mary Francis Baker


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This is a completely revised edition of a book. It has long been recognized as a leading authority on wild flowers, since Florida with its wide variety of climate boasts nearly every form of flora from tropical ones, such as orchids, to most of our own northern ones. Wild gardens and ""naturalized"" gardens (i.e. bulbs or flowers scattered through a wood or along a stream as though they were wild) are charming and from a careful study of this book a person could find plenty of species that would stand the cold. It would also be a nice book to take to Florida as an aid in collecting specimens to bring home or for a study of the abundant and luxuriant growth. While it is not a book for northern shops to stock in any quantity it can be sold to people who are interested in gardens and conservation or anyone going south. Don't dismiss it as a local item for Florida shops. 48 half tones.

Publisher: Macmillan