THE NEARSIGHTED KNIGHT by Mary Francis; Illus. Adrienne Adams Shura
Kirkus Star


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Princess Ethelrude, UNplucked flower of her father's kingdom, was withering on the vine. The fact that she was UNmannerly, UNsightly and UNwed"" preyed on the royal mind. Her younger brother Todd was distinctly UNhopeful of her chances for marriage and nearly UNhinged because of his own great, clumsy feet. When the UNfocused Knight Before Glasses rode smack into the castle wall, he came to peering at the ""very UN"" Ethelrude and lost his heart. But a knight has deeds to do before his love is proved and together with the stumbling Todd (for seeing-eye purposes) he makes for the royal forest to slay the daintiest dragon since the Reluctant one minced across the screen. Poof, the dragon, was adopted instead of slain, and brought to the castle as a moat guard while graciously pretending to have been captured. This is UNinhibited spoofing of UNnumbered fairy tale ingredients. There is an overweight witch who mis-spells her spells, an UNaristorcartic king, n UNmatched tourney and all with UNcommonly well drawn illustrations throughout. Young readers will be UNdone.

Pub Date: Feb. 25th, 1964
Publisher: Knopf