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Here, Stoff and his patient, science-writer Pellegrino (author of Her Name, Titantic, reviewed above), offer hope to those suffering from the mysterious contemporary malady variously referred to as ""Yuppie plague,"" chronic Epstein-Barr virus infection, chronic mononucleosis, or chronic fatigue syndrome. The authors use an entertaining, if slightly confusing, two-voice format to present a detailed picture of the nature of viruses in general, the Epstein-Bart virus in particular, and the functioning of the human immune system. Their obvious love of science makes these discussions far-ranging, but care is always taken to reduce the technical-ties to metaphors easily grasped by an intelligent lay reader. While describing the complex nature of the imbalance that allows this ubiquitous virus to play unexpected havoc in some people, Stoff and Pellegrino venture into a number of discussions on holistic medical concepts. The last half of the book provides clear instructions for comprehensive therapy involving rest, dietary modifications, vitamin and mineral supplements, exercise, homeopathic and herbal preparations, and psychological/spiritual exercises such as imagery. The authors attest that the regimen has worked for many people. An unusual book that will be eagerly devoured by anyone suffering from the symptoms characterizing the chronic fatigue syndrome.

Pub Date: Nov. 30th, 1988
Publisher: Random House