THE WITCH OF HISSING HILL by Mary; Illus. Janet McCaffery Calhoun


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Mary Calhoun returns to the subject of witches and their cats (Wobble the Witch Cat, 1958) in this story of an exceptionally wicked witch who specializes in raising evil, black cats as familiars for her colleagues. By some genetic mishap, one of her cats produces a yellow kitten, which throws Sizzle and her other cats into a tizzy. Yellow cats, it seems, are nice--something no self-respecting witch could be expected to put up with. The yellow kitten, who counteracts all of the spells directed at her, turns Sizzle's fresh pot of hate potion into a love medicine, and ends by turning Sizzle into a good witch. The illustrations in big blobs of bright colors, are full of witches with hooked noses and round orange cheeks and of shapeless cats, and are as genially spooky as the text. A refreshing Halloween brew.

Publisher: Morrow