AWANI by Mary Jane; Illus. Mel Silverman oltz


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When his parents were killed by a grizzly, Spotted Fawn was adopted and re-named Awani by a member of the California coastal tribe with whom his family had been trading. The tribe's shaman, done up in grizzly skins and claws, develops a ierce dislike of the boy who had been spared by the awesome bear. His persecution culminates in an attempt to prove Awani a liar. However, the tribe learns that a ship really had landed on their coast. This is none other than Sir Francis Drake and his crew who have beached the Golden Hind for repairs. Awani makes friends with ohn, a cabin boy, and the tribe, against the advice of their shaman, welcome the white men as gods. On the day the Golden Hind sailed, the two boys make fools of the shaman with his own grizzly skin and he is pelted to death over a cliff by the tribe when it is discovered that he was going to take shots at the white men. Produced by the same author and illustrator who did the outstanding Tuchin's Mayan Treasure (1963 p. 557 J-189) this is a pointless, overactive story low in characterization or background information. Its only apparent value lies in a vocabulary within the grasp of 4th graders.

Pub Date: Aug. 5th, 1964
Publisher: orrow