GIRL OF URBINO by Mary K. Corbett
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Chiara, the lovely young ward of the Duke of Urbino and heroine of a colorfully patterned historical novel, is a girl to remember. For hers was the time of intrigue and plunder- 1502 and the Borgia uprisings; of artistic and cultural flowering- Leonardo's works and the fabulous Montefeltre collections. These her creator has woven together with a firm sense of the past and ingredients for a top-notch mystery. Through former connections with her own family, it is Chiara who is able to help the threatened Duke Guidobaldo. And through intricate intrigue with da Vinci himself Chiara extricates herself from predicament after predicament. Finally she can effect the rescue of the booty Borgia has taken and wait in happiness for the return of her own young courtier Philip- off fighting for Guidobaldo. Richly tapestried.

Pub Date: Oct. 5th, 1953
Publisher: Abelard