HERE IS GOD'S PLENTY by Mary K. Simkhovitch


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With the acclaim and respect of her work in social service behind her, the retired head of Greenwich House, N.Y.C., writes of the many interests in her career, of the roots of her activities, and of the full years she has known. There are memories of her parents and school, a European interlude, and graduate studies and the early days of her work with the College Settlement, on Rivington Street, in 1898,-all of which contributed to her vital part in low rental housing, the problems of recreation and work in the arts, the questions of welfare and community organization. Her recall is mellow and gracious in tone reflecting much of the personality so many have known; her backward look balances well the personal with the professional aspects of her life. A book for backgrounding in settlement work, for a perspective on the vital questions of the recent past and their importance in the future.

Pub Date: Oct. 19th, 1949
Publisher: Harper