VIOLETS ARE BLUE by Mary Kennedy
Kirkus Star


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We are glad to see there are some very delightful books coming for little girls of the pre-reading group, who might wrinkle their noses on being presented with another airy-fairy tale. This is the story of a very real little girl, her family, friends, and problems. There is the glorious birthday party, where six-year-old Susan learns to say ""my birthday"" instead of ""my birthday""; the wish that came true; the lovely night when the family slept outdoors and Susan saw a shooting star; the devastating problem of the ""best friend""; a lesson in honesty, and some beautiful violets for Mother. Susan is a day-dreaming, imaginative elf but she can stamp and growl, and raise enough of a rumpus to please the tomboys.

Pub Date: March 5th, 1951
Publisher: Lothrop