THE ROAD TO ""HUMAN DESTINY by Mary Lecomte du Nouy


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The tremendous success of Human Destiny -- and later (though written earlier) of The Read to Reason will spark interest in this story of the author's life, written by his wife, who shared intimately not only in every phase of his work and writing, but in the spiritual evolution that led to Human Destiny. She takes the reader back to Lecomte du Nouy's childhood in France, to a youth growing up in a materialistic world. She follows his career in science, bio-physics,- devoted to pure science, determined to step aside from the politics played even in scientific institutes. Seven years at the Rockefeller Institute, working with Carrel, writing, speaking; subsequent years at the Pasteur Institute; building fame as an original and creative scientist, while still keeping a part of life for a wide circle of friends; fighting for the right of French scientists to the same backing and facilities he had experienced in America; and- in nine years-gradually developing his own philosophical ideas and spiritual beliefs -- all this is recounted in detail, with enough of scientific import not to underplay that vital aspect of his contribution to the world. War came -- and ultimately escape from France, and the opportunity gives to write the book that opitomized his belief that the existence of God can be arrived at by reason, that danger lies in the path of materialism, that the world can find redemption only through faith and moral standards. It is a book written with understanding and tenderness and confidence that others can find the way from agnosticism to faith. An unusual biography of a unique scientist.

Publisher: Longmans, Green