THE LOVE EATERS by Mary Lee Settle


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An uncomfortable but compassionate portrait of a small town in the Allegheny coal region is provided through the visitation of two men who come to disrupt and corrupt the small change of experience in this community. Selby Dodd, the attractive, worthless son of Jim Dodd's first marriage to a common woman, comes home to his father for the first time- his father who is now married to Marty, a sensible, sympathetic younger woman. Hamilton Sacks, emotionally emasculated and physically crippled, is imported to direct the local theatricals- but creates most of the drama offstage. From his wheelchair, Sacks watches and whets Selby's ability to attract women he will never love in return; a mother and daughter are susceptible, as well as Marty, and by the close, a fire at the theatre completes the destruction of Sacks' vicarious voyeurism.... Arid as much of this is, there is a sympathy for simple, successful Jim Dodd and Marty, the unequal and unwitting victims, which somewhat relieves the course of events here.

Publisher: Harper