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Dr. Liley, who runs a clinic and inaugurated a pre-natal program in New Zealand, will also enlighten an American readership since her book, in spite of its undifferentiated title, is the first to present a great many new knowns as well as unknowns about the infant world, pre and post uterine. Fetology is a relatively young science itself, and how many people know that the fetus is able to see in the womb and it is not a dark habitat; that it drinks six to eight pints of fluid per day; that the twin which pre-empts the superior position will dominate throughout later life. Dr. Liley's book, which is full of occasional facts such as these, is also a comprehensive discussion of aspects of the birth itself, the handling of the newborn, later patterns of eating, sleeping, growth, training and child guidance in general. It is an excellent one indeed, with an appendix of a more practical nature (diet, layette, etc.).

Pub Date: Oct. 4th, 1967
Publisher: Random House