GEENIE'S COAT by Mary Malone


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Gramma's"" old stiff, black fur coat is the object of Deenie's love, anger, and stubborn moods. Deenie, a twelve-year-old of the flapper era-- which the reader would never know except for the words ""In 1926...""--loathes the dated coat which she must wear to school every day. She summons up enough nerve to tell Gramma, with whom she and the three other Manning children live, but in the end, Dennie wears the coat with newly acquired pride. The story is exceedingly thin, and Deenie, who is given too much credit for resuming the wearing of the coat, is sometimes lost in a muddle of relatives. Unlike the boy in Here's Howie (1961, p. 1048, J-328) by the same author, Deenie is a character the reader will easily forget, despite Pelagie Doane's illustrations.

Pub Date: April 8th, 1963
Publisher: Dodd, Mead