THE OASIS by Mary McCarthy


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The lady of The Company She Keeps (Simon & Schuster) with what is actually an expanded short story which appeared first in England's avant-garde Horizon. In a satire, intellectualized almost to the point of sterility, this tells of the creation of a colony, Utopia, designed as a refuge and retreat from the threats of fascism and communism. Reflecting not only the dissonance of its two factions- the realists and the purists, Utopia is also not immune to marital wrangles, some physical discomfort, and certain aspects of class consciousness such as the admission of Joe Lockman- an offensive reminder of the capitalist world. This follows the pattern of the days within the colony devoted to wholesome and virtuous pursuits, the evenings of argumentation and ideation, until finally with the chance intrusion of some trespassers, the morale of the colony is bruised and shaken, its dissolution foreseen... Cherchese recherche for this.

Pub Date: Aug. 11th, 1949
ISBN: 1583483926
Publisher: Random House