BIG DOG'S GIRL by Mary Medearia
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Back country Arkansas for a simple story that is distinguished by its emotional pull, its discriminating style, its warm human affection. Mary's father was Big Doc who gave his life to his back woods patients, and whose son has chosen the same way of life. Mary has dreams of a musical career and rebels when her mother's illness pulls her back into the home circle. Gradually, rebellion and irritation give way to recognition of a career in the job she must do, in bringing music to her father's people, through which she finds the man she loves. A book whose spiritual and moral values, dramatized by effective story telling, make it a sure bidder for an important market today. The publishers plan to give it the same sort of send-off they gave My Friend Flicha, whose steady sales bear witness to the soundness of their judgment.

Pub Date: Sept. 2nd, 1942
Publisher: Lippincott-Story Press