KATE CHASE: Dominant Daughter by Mary Merwin Phelps

KATE CHASE: Dominant Daughter

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The daughter of Salmon P. Chase, secretary of the Treasury under Lincoln and later Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, was the Alice Roosevelt of her day. This is her story -- and good reading it makes. The early part, describing her childhood in New York, recalls Julia Newberry's Diary in its quaint charm, later, her responsibilities as her father's hostess, gave scope for her wit and brains, and she often mixed politics with social graces. Her period overlaps that of Roscoe Conkling (see report on The Gentleman from New York), and their paths crossed -- in fact they skirted a near-scandal. Note the customers who buy the Conkling book, and call their attention to this one. It may bring plus sales, on both sides.

Pub Date: April 19th, 1935
Publisher: Crowell