GETTING YOUR OWN WAY: A Guide to Growing Up Assertively by Mary Mihaly

GETTING YOUR OWN WAY: A Guide to Growing Up Assertively

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First of all, even if you're into assertiveness you can't expect a book to be as effective (big word here) as a training group which has the advantage of feedback, etc. Secondly, Mihaly doesn't try to draw out her readers where possible or to compensate with depth. Instead, she subjects them to a barrage of lengthy questionnaires, exercises, and checklists, but gives them no hint as to what to do with the answers. (""Getting to know me"" means answering 43 questions ranging from ""Have you ever been tempted to kill yourself?"" to ""Do you like your name?""). If you stick this out for 100 pages you're congratulated: ""You're a much more effective person than you were when you began reading this book""--but presumably no more intelligent. Mihaly's parting advice for lonely spells includes: ""Buy a plant. Give it a name. Play [it] some music. . . . Run around the block. Don't return home until you've spoken to five dogs, children, or elderly people. . . . Have your handwriting analyzed. . . . Sleep in the nude for a week."" Better yet, assert your good sense by saying no to this bilge.

Pub Date: April 12th, 1979
Publisher: Evans