BE YOUNG WITH ME by Mary Nowell Frost


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Good feminine fare, perceptive, high-keyed, in a first novel of feminine characterization as 26-year old Linda, on the morning of her third marriage, reviews her previous experiments. There was young love with Kirby, which was ruined by her love of ease and comforts, and her lack of respect for his pride; then there was a period as a gay divorcee, marred by the knowledge that she is barren, that life is running away from her; then there's her impetuous marriage to neurotic Dennis, whose death she chooses to think of as an accident. Foster, whom she is about to marry, is eminently eligible, even though she has snitched him from her cousin Caroline. But the morning precipitates a succession of crises -- and at the end she yields to Caroline.

Pub Date: April 6th, 1942
Publisher: Coward, McCann