LOVE AND SEXUALITY by Mary Perkins and John J. Ryan Ryan


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Mary Perkins Ryan has made a name for herself by the deadly skill with which she attacks sacred cows [Are Parochial SchooLs the Answer). In this new book, written in conjunction with her husband, Mrs. Ryan turns her attention to the question of the role of sexuality in the new vision of Christian life promulgated by Vatican II. She first discusses the new orientation--the human orientation--of contemporary Christian theology. Then she studies in that context the importance of love in life, the place of sex in love, and the role of the body in expressing love-distinguishing carefully the modes of love implied by the basic vocations of marriage, the single life, and Vowed celibacy, and the problems of and obstacles to love inherent in each state. Of course, a few stray sacred cows are attacked, but the total message of the book is perfectly in keeping with the personalist approach of the ""new theology."" It is not a radical book, or even a controversial one; but it is a level-headed, discriminating synthesis of all that is best in contemporary Christian thought on the subject of love and sexuality. Mrs. Perkins' name as well as the quality of her work will assure an excellent sale in the Catholic market.

Pub Date: Nov. 27th, 1967
Publisher: Holt, Rinehart & Winston