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The problem of race relations is essentially theological. But for too long Catholics have not had the subject dealt with from this point of view in the detail which is offered here by Father Joseph Leonard. This is truly a thorough and basic work which analyzes and probes all possible aspects of this crucial issue of our times. Fair-minded individuals will find this book a key source for resolving any doubts about the question which they may have harbored through indirect prejudice or rationalization. The strange dichotomy between clear direction in theory by the Catholic hierarchy and papacy on the subject of race relations and the failure in practice on the parish level may be dissipated completely for all who read this book. Archbishop Patrick O'Boyle of Washington contributes a foreword. This is truly the most complete book on the subject so far. It even deals with the so-called theological objections to papal statements advanced by some Catholics. Completely objective and citing authorities throughout, Father Leonard clearly explains the moral and religious questions entailed and the obligations involved not just in general but also in specific and personal areas. All men of good will -- of all faiths -- will be the better for having read and studied this basic work on the most important social question of the day.

Pub Date: Jan. 6th, 1964
Publisher: Bruce