THE HAUNTED KITCHEN by Mary Phraner Warren


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Strange voices from inside the kitchen walls. . . a missing scarf and doll shoes from the children's rooms. . . trampled bean vines. . . a backyard intruder. . . and sullen Lonnie Nelson lurking, scowling. . . . These are the mysterious happenings that occupy the three Hobbs children and a pan-ethnic cast of neighbors when recently divorced Jake Hobbs moves his family to a small house in Portland where he hopes to find himself. Most of the occurrences are explained when Lonnie and other, older delinquents are found to be hiding stolen bike parts in a secret part of the Hobbs' previously vacant house; the rest come clear when Daddy invites them all to a show that turns out to be his debut as a ventriloquist. But all the neighborly good will just bounces off a story as decrepit and silly as Warren's notions of voice throwing.

Pub Date: March 22nd, 1976
Publisher: Westminster