NORTH FACE by Mary Renault


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With less overt emotionalism than her last, Return to Night, but the suggestion, oblique, rather than obvious, of psychological dislocation reminiscent of her earlier books, this is again a love story. Mrs. Kearsey's boarding house, on the English coast, backdrops the romance between Neil Langton, a teacher- and a climber by avocation, and Ellen Shorland, with whom he falls in love. Both are to find their present confused and conflicted by the past; Neil's marriage to shallow, adulterous Susan-which cost him the life of their child; Nllen's childhood attachment to the cousin she was to marry-had he lived-and the guilt of his death which she assumes, perpetuates, until Langton is finally able to make her see the true character of that relationship... The marginal characterization here at Mrs. Kearsey's, a cloistered school-mistress, a vicariously vulgar nurse, amplifies a drama which women will read and like.

Publisher: Morrow