RETURN TO NIGHT by Mary Renault


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A continuous and unrestrained emotionalism predicts a certain popularity for this rather surprising choice as this year's MGM award. As a novel it is both more simplified and less subtle than her last book, The Middle Mist.... Hilary Mansell, whose sensitivity to discrimination against her as a woman doctor is not eased when a lover gets the post she coveted, takes over a country practice in the Cotswolds. Her first provocative case, Julian, arouses a personal as well as professional concern. Julian, younger than Hilary, just down from Oxford, wants to be an actor but is stalled by his dominating, patronizing mother, who will not countenance it. He falls in love with Hilary and the affair goes on for some months, worn down often by the aggravation of shame, of secrecy, of Julian's weakness, until a climax is reached when scandal breaks, and Julian's mother discloses the shoddy story of Julian's paternity. Julian, attempting suicide, is saved by Hilary, who recognizes that his immaturity is her obligation... Not without glamour and fervor, this might well go over with a wide feminine audience, but not with discriminating readers.

Pub Date: April 16th, 1947
Publisher: Morrow