NETWORKING: The Great New Way for Women To Get Ahead by Mary Scott Welch

NETWORKING: The Great New Way for Women To Get Ahead

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An enthusiastically anecdotal review of women's ""new girls"" network support systems so far--how they were founded, how they operate, what they hope to achieve--with tips for starting your own network group. Some might find all the hammering away about psychological benefits, about a sense of ""community,"" and about recourse to information, referrals, and feedback just a little too ecstatic. But Welch scores in her detailed recounting of how 16 ""Little Women"" turned around discrimination at NBC, or in describing how one network lent a member $5,000 to stay in business--the now-million-dollar ""Lor‚ Lingerie"" enterprises. Many of the practical details--what to call your group, how often to meet--are mundane in the extreme; at the same time, others--the question of whether membership should be vertical, horizontal, or limited in some other way--yield food for thought. A mixed grab-bag, with enough informational tidbits to get the interested on their way.

Pub Date: Feb. 26th, 1979
Publisher: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich