VAST HORIZONS by Mary Seymour Lucas
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A most important book, selected by the Junior Literary Guild, it will surely be used for years in schools and libraries. As it is to be illustrated with maps and pictures by B. Falls it should have eye appeal and not look too formidable. The author has obviously done much research, her quotations are fascinating. She tells the story of exploration in the eastern hemisphere from the Middle Ages. Beginning with descriptions of the terrible difficulties of traveling, she then describes the great trade organizations. You find the history of Jenghis Khan, Kublai Kaan, the legend of Praster John, stories of the missionaries to Asian, Marco Polo, the decline of the Mongels, Odoroe, the missionary who visited Tibet, Tamarlaine, ambitious Prince Henry of Portugal, the discovery of Maderin. She then takes up the daring explorations along the African coasts the search for spice; Cam, who discovered the Congo. A brief paragraph takes care of Columbus because we all know his story anyway and because he want West. There is the story of the competition for India, the menace of the Meslems, the rise of the Dutch to threaten Portuguese trading, the rise of the English. Good bibliography.

Pub Date: March 21st, 1943
Publisher: Viking