A LOVE, OR A SEASON by Mary Stolz
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This is a Young Reader's Edition of a novel which first appeared as an adult book with the title Two By Two in 1954. Our original review found ""a fresh and feeling quality to the story"" of 17-year-old Harry Lynch. With his mother recently dead and his father silent and isolated in grief, Harry finds the most comfort in 16-year-old Nan. Her tentative response to first love is, like Harry's, complicated by her awareness of family pressures and attitudes. The crisis for everyone in the book comes with Harry's innocent involvement in an automobile accident that results in the death of an old man, bringing father and son to a new understanding. Our original review said that the author could convey ""more than a little charm in an awkward age"" and, of course, she is famous at this level for novels that assess adolescent problems and values with realism, insight and sympathy.

Publisher: Harper & Row