RUSSIA: A Short History by

RUSSIA: A Short History

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Revised edition- considerably expanded- of a book that was published in 1937, under the Institute of Pacific Relations. This is an objective, non-political history, directed for study and background (though not for text book use only). The geography of the country, life under the early princes, Mongol conquerors, Muscovite Tsars, the full flowering of holy autocratic Russia; the uprising and emancipation of the serfs; the impoverishment of the aristocracy; the development of cultural, intellectual, revolutionary trends which culminated in the Revolution and the Terror after the first world war; the economic and educational reconstruction, the achievements, and the privations, of the first Five Year Plan. Again war-its cost- and the rehabilitation now taking place... With a good bibliography, this should find a place in school and college and public libraries.

Pub Date: May 8th, 1947
Publisher: John Day