THE MAN WHO COULD NOT WAIT: The Story of Aaron Burr by Mary Tarver Carroll
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THE MAN WHO COULD NOT WAIT: The Story of Aaron Burr

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An excellent biography with Aaron Burr seen in a fair light, his brilliant gifts set boldly against his temperamental shortcomings and his odd twists of mind and character. Link this with Anne Colver's Theodosia (Farrar & Rinehart -- page 99) and you will have a well-rounded picture of Burr, his famous daughter and the history and period against which their careers were set. Both books give a happier picture of Theodosia's marriage than does Anya Seton's book. The Man Who Could Not Wait is particularly successful in the story of Burr's tempestuous boyhood and youth, his stormy relations with Washington during the Revolution. The author touches more lightly on his period of alternating frustration and success through his maturity: and perhaps too little space is given to the period of plotting empire, of the trial and of the tragic close of his life. However, it is in the other part of his life that younger readers will find most interest -- and in the picture of a genius thwarted by his own shortcomings. Very well handled.

Pub Date: Aug. 20th, 1941
Publisher: Longmans, Green