JANE FONDA: Something to Fight For by Mary Virginia Fox

JANE FONDA: Something to Fight For

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No one who chooses to write about both Jane Fonda and Barbara Walters is likely to have much commitment to either. Fox goes through the facts of Fonda's life--the difficulties of having a famous father, the pain of her mother' suicide after the parents broke up, the early acting roles--and tells about Jane's dawning interest in ""world problems."" Husband Vadim first introduced her to such concerns, but after living through They Shoot Horses. . . Jane felt that ""he wasn't doing enough to help solve these problems""--and so she traveled to India, Alcatraz, Vietnam, and then with Tom Hayden across America in a peace campaign. Now, with husband Tom, Jane ""still speaks out for causes she believes in. . . . Whatever Jane does, she does with all her heart."" Which may make her a better role model than Walters, but doesn't make this more than a PR blurb. And, as in Barbara Wlaters, the drawings are atrocious.

Pub Date: May 5th, 1980
Publisher: Dillon