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Pub Date: June 30th, 1978
Publisher: Nelson

Foot-in-the-Mouth"" is the ""Indian"" name Brian has given himself because of his tendency to mess up by saying the wrong thing, and this is one of those simplistic stories that revolve around such tags. Unappreciated at home and fired from his gas station job for insulting a fat lady, Brian later blames his hasty remarks for two new disasters: first, a misunderstanding involving Mr. Fullerton, his new, nice employer at a greenhouse; and then the suicide attempt of a lovesick older girl he's been teaching to play the guitar. But Mr. Fullerton tells Brian that the mix-up over publicizing his delicious new tomato strain has been corrected and wasn't Brian's fault anyway; and when Gwendolyn reveals that she had previously attempted suicide and been hospitalized, relief floods in: ""What he'd said hadn't been the real reason she had tried to kill herself; the real reason was her sickness. And if he wasn't Brian-Foot-in-the-Mouth, he could go back to work for Mr. Fullerton."" But if he isn't Brian-Foot-in-the-Mouth, what's left?