WILDERNESS WINTER by Mary Wolfe Thompson


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In Two hi the Wilderness (1967, 810, J-290) Zeke and Tabitha Aiken spent six weeks getting the 1774 Vermont cabin ready; now Pa fetches the rest of the family and they alt settle down. Pa prefers being neighborless but the kids tire of playing with each other and Ma would like to have a woman around when the baby comes. A human footprint is disraised as a bear print until the kids come home with a dog, sure sign that people are nearby. They locate the Armstrongs (who have similarly aged and sexed children) and the two families fall in with each other pending a fall out over the kind of mill to build. Mr. Armstrong finds lost baby Prue (Aiken) and her grateful father volunteers to go along with the other's mill plan. The sap runs on schedule, the plot just runs on.

Pub Date: Aug. 28th, 1968
Publisher: McKay