PATTERN FOR PENELOPE by Mary Wolfe Thompson


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Penny, worn out with concern over her parents' ill adjusted relationship, comes to stay with her Aunt Sue and her veterinarian husband for a rest and a chance to get strong in the country air. Much as she has loved dogs, particularly her little Irish terrier, she had no idea how fascinating would become her uncle's profession nor how expert she would become as a helper in his animal hospital. When her dear Pat is stolen and she brings herself to accept from her uncle a beautiful Irish setter she also finds herself going in for showing her dog, discovers she has a real flair as a trainer, and in the process learns to handle herself and to make her own personal adjustment to life. A novel career -- as far as girls' stories are concerned -- is presented here in a good story which girl dog fanciers will enjoy as well as the career book fans.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1943
Publisher: Longmans, Green