HILLHAVEN by Mary Wolfe Thompson


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In a way this is a more or less conventional career story-cum-romance,- the focus on Occupational Therapy; but though the story follows an established pattern, it has something extra- and worthwhile...Trudy, whose parents have sacrificed to give her an education, becomes after a few difficulties and set-backs, a good Occupational Therapist, assistant in a city hospital not very far from her home in the agricultural midwest. She has her ins and outs with her superiors, even with some of her patients, and she falls in love with a doctor who thinks she is in love with another man. The main thread of story concerns her little sister's accident, and the problem of finding the hit-and-run driver responsible. The something different comes out in Trudy's point of view, her sense of responsibility towards making good for her family's sake, her keen concern for her patients, her mastering of the right detachment plus enthusiasm in her work with them, and her appreciation of the place O.T. takes in physical medicine today. Older girls with careers in this general direction in mind will find it stimulating as well as enlightening reading- and a good story as well.

Pub Date: March 16th, 1949
Publisher: Longmans, Green