WILL IT SELL? by Marya Mannes
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Somebody once said that the necessary characteristic of the social commentator and critic was the ability to be consistently irritated by the things in daily life that other people shrug off. Miss Mannes has it. This collection of essays and light verse go after her special pet peeves: the banality of the TV ""Soaps""; the overabundance of garish and jarring advertising that must be bought along with the articles in a popular magazine; the deceptively labeled packaging of consumer goods; and last, but certainly not least in her consideration, the inanities of the ideal image held up to American women. Her last book was More In Anger. There again she played the most unpopular role a woman can assume -- she criticized quotably with genuine wit the ersatz in American life and thought. Here's a favorite line -- ""Are you reading more and enjoying it less?"" Not if you're reading Miss Mannes.

Pub Date: April 13th, 1964
Publisher: ppincott